Wulf sarà a Milano il 30 e il 31 maggio. Il 30 presenterà il libro presso la libreria Mondadori di piazza Duomo e il 31 ci sarà un firma copie presso la libreria Lirus in via Vitruvio.

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LA PSIQUIATRA, the Spanish edition of TRIGGER, made it on the bestselling lists in Mexico and Chile.
¡Muchas gracias, querido lectores, estoy muy feliz!

LA PSIQUIATRA, die spanische Ausgabe von TRIGGER, hat die Bestsellerlisten in Mexiko und Chile erobert. Ich freue mich sehr!

Nuovo romanzo: INCUBO

Dopo LA PSICHIATRA e PHOBIA sta per tornare Wulf Dorn con quello che considera il suo romanzo più personale. Una sofisticata variazione psicothriller di Cappuccetto rosso e del lupo cattivo, una moderna lotta tra il bene e il male a colpi di intuizioni ed emozioni che vi inchioderà alla pagina fino all’ultima riga.

INCUBO sarà in libreria dal 26 maggio, se non volete perderlo prenotate una copia qui > (link)

To my readers worldwide

In the last years I’ve received so many kind messages from all over the world, like this one here from Abdul via my > Facebook page. I hope for your understanding that I can’t answer to all of them, but I want you to know that each of your messages leaves me tremendously happy and deeply grateful.

When I wrote my first novel years ago, I would never have dared to dream that my books would ever be read in so many countries. You folks even wrote me from Australia, Uruguay, Russia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, South Africa and many other places I hope to visit one day.

It’s amazing to see that stories neither know borders nor distances. Every book is a world of its own and we can share it together, no matter where we are in the real world. Isn’t this fantastic?

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. My aim has always been to entertain my readers, and I consider myself very lucky that so many of you enjoy my books. I will always take this as a motivation and inspiration for my work.

Thank you all for writing me and for your support!

P.S. Best wishes for the future, Abdul!